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The Difference Between Organic Body Lotion And Cream

So what is the difference between an organic body lotion and a cream?

Is there a difference? In a word… yes! Contrary to what you may have thought or been told, lotions and creams do not do the same thing. Both are forms of emollients that put more moisture back into the skin and work to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth, but they are different, and one may be better than the other for certain skin types, and at different times of the year.The Difference Between Organic Body Lotion And Cream

Yet lotions and creams do have the same purpose, to keep moisture, or water, in the outermost layer of your skin -but they do so at different levels.


The Difference Between Organic Body Lotion And CreamThe main difference between a cream and lotion is the oil content. Having a larger percentage of oil content, creams  are used mostly to deep nourish and hydrate very dry skin.

In the winter when there is less moisture in the air, or in drier climates, creams are generally better.

Creams penetrate the skin and provide a barrier that prevents more moisture loss from the skin than lotions. Body creams are similar to lotions in that they, too, are a combination of oil and water.

However, creams are thicker in their consistency than are lotions. Body creams, in general, are very good at absorbing into the skin, and tend to be the best moisturizer choice in the winter when humidity is low.


The Difference Between Organic Body Lotion And CreamLotions

On the other hand, many lotions especially hand lotions and body lotions are meant simply to smooth, moisturize, and soften the skin. They have a higher water content, usually come in a bottle, and can be poured out in a liquid form.

Lotions are not as heavy as a cream, and are more readily absorbed by the skin because they have a lower viscosity. Lotions also produce a cooling effect, and are good for skin that is not excessively dry. This makes them an excellent choice for the warmer months of the year.


Note*  If you were not aware, most lotions and creams are water-based, but water-in-oil emulsions are also available on the market. All that means is that if they’re oil-based, they’re an emulsion, or mixture, of water into oil. And so if they’re water-based, it’s the other way around, they’re an emulsion of oil into water. 


Why Organic?

Many of the traditional types of lotions and cream moisturizers being sold today, especially the less expensive branded products, are chemical based. They contain synthetic oils and other nasty chemicals that are unnatural, and may exacerbated skin dryness and other health conditions.

However those prone to rashes and allergic reactions to certain types of chemicals found in common lotions and moisturizers are in luck, as there are now organic body lotions and creams that contain all natural and organic ingredients.

As more and more women become health conscious and begin to take health matters into their own hands, the demand for all natural, organic lotions and moisturizers has increased, and the skin care industry has followed suite, with more natural products available on the market. Remember to be sure if a product is truly organic, look for the USDA label.

Use the Best

The choice of whether you should use a body cream or a body lotion, has to do with how dry your skin is, whether or not it is flaking or scaling, and finally, what part of your body you will be applying the moisturizer to -as well as the time of the year and where you live.

Lotions and body creams are both excellent choices for the skin, and there is no one moisturizer that is the best choice for everyone. Often, finding out which one suits you best is a matter of trial and error.

Try one of our top recommendations below, and see how they work to keep your skin feeling soft, smooth, deeply nourished and moisturized!

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Organic Body Lotion

The Difference Between Organic Body Lotion And CreamWe
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