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Homemade Face Masks

Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes*

Would you like to enjoy beautiful clear glowing blemish free skin, without having to pay for expensive beauty products or treatments? Do you want an easy way to make your own 100% natural homemade facial masks, treatments, scrubs and moisturizers, as well as treatments for acne and scarring? Then this book, Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes is a must for you!


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Author: Mia Gordon
Title: Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes
List Price: $9.97 Paperback
Price: $9.97 

Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes Review

This book is all about what ingredients to use and in what combinations. It contains some very simple recipes that are safe, incorporating beneficial organic ingredients that I am comfortable using on my own sensitive skin. I never realized how easy these recipes would be to make.Homemade Facial Masks

The directions are simple to follow, with clear explanations of ingredients and their benefits. Unlike other books, Natural Home Made Skin Care Recipes is designed to improve your skin without time, expertise or expense.

You will be amazed with the results- Smoother, clearer, younger looking skin with product you made on your own!

By combining raw ingredients and essential oils in simple skin care recipes shown in this book, you can make your own natural homemade skin care masks, creams and treatments at home, like those found in top of the line skin care products.

And by using everyday ingredients that contain potent and powerful anti-aging and moisturizing benefits, you will be able to target general or specific skin issues you may have.



Mia Gordon is a natural health & skincare therapies enthusiast, traveler and writer.Homemade Face Masks

She enjoys teaching eco and health conscious ways to combine simple ingredients and essential oils for maximum nutritional benefit into natural skincare recipes and natural body care products.

She specialize in the use of essential and base oils, herbs, fruits, nuts and everyday foods to create a range of pure and natural skin and body care cosmetic products at home.

She’s the author of several books on hair, scalp and natural body care, and her books feature natural skin care recipes, natural homemade face masks and homemade skincare products with practical information and natural recipes from facial masks to serums, moisturizers, washes and acne treatments – all made from easy to find low cost ingredients to nourish repair and rejuvenate skin.

She also loves the outdoors, travel, travel writing and cooking with raw whole foods.




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