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How do you get beautiful hair, skin, and nails? As we age, our body’s production of collagen slows meaning that our skin, eyes, ligaments, tendons, teeth, cartilage, hair and nails have less of it. This is when we see the signs of aging, as these structures no longer have the strength and support that they once had, and thus begin breaking down.

Replenishing collagen levels in your body with a natural supplement such as Vida Glow slows the ageing process, reducing the visible signs of aging and improving the overall health of you skin, hair, and nails. 


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Vida Glow Marine Collagen Gratitude Package Peach Flavor Review

Years ago I began a lifestyle change by switching over to organic foods, exercising regularly and making more of my own meals, however there was still something missing, and that was improving my overall skin texture, and skin damage -until I found Vida Glow. 

Vida Glow marine collagen is a fibrous protein extracted from the scales of Deep Sea Red Snapper, sustainably sourced from the Western Central Pacific Ocean waters of Australasia. Japanese women have used marine collagen as a secret weapon for youthful radiance for many years, and the studies showing the benefits of taking marine collagen are plentiful.

Vida Glow also contains natural Peach flavor and natural Peach Juice powder. Yum!

Peaches are rich in phytochemicals called phenols that act as antioxidants, which do wondTake Care Of Your Hair Skin And Nailsers for your skin, as they assist in the body’s production and formation of collagen. After a few weeks I knew I had found what I had been missing. I started noticing my skin respond with a healthy glow, increased firmness, strength, and improved flexibility.

Peach Vida Glow also comes with added Vitamin C and Green Tea extract, for an extra dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential for healthy hair, skin and nails, as they help protect cells from damage.

Replenishing collagen levels in your body with a natural supplement such as Vida Glow slows the ageing process, adds hydration, firmness and plumps the skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Their Peach Vida Glow Marine Collagen is the perfect compliment to your water bottle, fruit tea, juice, yogurt or morning porridge.

I love peaches, they are wonderfully delicious and naturally very low in calories, 100g grams of a peach has only 39 calories, so perhaps you could consider them as an afternoon snack alongside your Vida Glow. They contain no saturated fats and are packed with numerous health promoting compounds, minerals and vitamins.

ApplicationPre-measured 3g sachets come in powder form and can be stirred into your favorite food or drink. Blend 1 – 3 sachets into your water, juice, smoothie, shake or whatever.


Notes*Starting Vida Glow has been life changing for me, and as I’m sharing this with you, it is incredibly important that we’re giving you the best quality pure marine collagen available. Vida Glow is a product that I personally believe in and am taking on a daily basis.

Every production sample is quality tested independently in Sydney, Australia. Our laboratory tests ensure that Vida Glow is free from any toxins, heavy metals, and pollution. Product quality and efficacy is the company’s priority and mine. I am proud to be involved in every process, from concept to production, product development and customer service.

I welcome you to Vida Glow. It is my passion and a lot of hard work has gone into making this a reality. I feel blessed to be able to share this with you. My aim here is to educate and inform you as a customer on this fabulous supplement. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing, to enrich yourselves with a little extra “Vida Glow”. ”   

Love,  Anna Lahey   -Founder Vida Glow


Natural & Organic Ingredients

Free from fat, preservatives, additives, wheat or dairy. Laboratory tests are carried out on the product for safety and quality in Sydney, Australia. Tests are conducted on microbiology, nutrition and heavy metals (e.g. mercury). Tests confirm that Vida Glow is 100% safe for human consumption.

Vida Glow marine collagen does not contain any shark fin, dolphin, whale, crustaceans or shellfish. Vida Glow is not recommended for people who have allergies to fish.

Natural Marine Collagen from Deep Sea Red Snapper (Food Powder) Green Tea extract.Natural Peach flavor and natural Peach Juice powder.


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